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3 Reasons Why the Contingent Workforce and an Agile Workplace go Hand in Hand

Posted by HCM Works on 27 Jul 2018

Employing the best staff is becoming increasingly competitive, and organization’s are now in a battle with their competitors to hire the top talent in their industry. As a result, job seekers are now driving the workplace environment. Companies must adapt to a new way of working, and many are turning to an agile workplace. 

The aim of an agile workplace is to create a flexible and productive working environment, both in and out of the physical office. The creation of different areas within your office, a focus on project-based work, and employing staff that can work remotely, gives employees the freedom and flexibility to work where they want, when they want.

An effective agile workplace, however, relies on the availability of “agile talent”. This refers to employees who can be engaged in an on-demand manner, and who have the specialized skills to work on specific projects.

Thankfully, the agile workplace has coincided with a huge increase in the number of contingent workers over the past decade. In fact, the contingent workforce now represents around 30% to 40% of the entire US workforce.

Here are three reasons the contingent workforce and an agile workplace go hand in hand:

1 - Access to specialized talent

By utilizing contingent workers, which are made up of freelancers, contractors and consultants, your organization will have access to the top talent in your industry. Hiring specialized talent works perfectly with an agile workplace. It means your organization can hire top talent for each specific project, and save money on hiring a full-time employee who you may not actually need all-year round.

2 - Flexibility

Making the most of an agile workplace and the contingent workforce will provide greater flexibility for a company. Your company will be able to bring in temporary workers during peak hours, in times of increased demand, and for projects that need specialized skills. This means you will always have access to the best talent.

3 - Fresh ideas

The agile workplace, by nature, is all about nurturing a collaborative atmosphere to get the best out of employees and hearing fresh ideas from those that may be too shy to suggest ideas in a traditional office atmosphere. Likewise, accessing the talented workers of the contingent workforce can also give your company new ideas, particularly when it comes to specialized skills that may not already exist within your company.

What does this mean for talent sourcing?

As more organizations turn towards an agile workplace, new sources of talent and their management must be implemented. Working with a vendor-neutral MSP, such as HCMWorks, can help fulfill staffing requirements and hire top talent.

An MSP can help your organization adopt an effective ‘total talent acquisition strategy’. Access to the right employees at the right time will give your company an edge and help you meet your business goals.

Implementing an agile talent management solution

The agile workplace comes with a plethora of benefits, but without the proper and specialized management of contingent workers, companies can easily find themselves wasting time and money on inefficient, and sometimes even illegal practices.

Bringing the management of your contingent workers into one centralized location will prevent discrepancies across departments. An automated process will help cut out administration errors and mismatched payment and hiring tactics across your organization - this will help you save costs and cut down on wasted time.

The agile workplace develops a collaborative environment that encourages new ideas, makes the most of skilled workers and creates an enjoyable atmosphere for staff members. Not only does this make your company a more desired place to work, but it boosts revenue and drives your company into the future.

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