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HCMWorks Leaders

Our Executive Team

Julia Fournier

Chief Executive Officer

Julia Fournier has been providing private and public sector clients with global staffing solutions and consulting services for over 25 years. Following her extensive background in the industry, Julia co-founded HCMWorks in 2006 and is now the sole owner. She continues to be a leader in the vendor management industry. Working closely with her team, she advises organizations of all sizes and in all sectors, on the very best staffing models and practices, consults on best implementation and technology, and oversees the management of all HCMWorks’ vendor-managed services.

Her network in the staffing and staffing technology worlds allows her to provide clients with the very best talent and tools to reach their staffing goals. Her knowledge and experience lends greatly to her ability to bring value to her client relations and time and again, the end result is client successes, satisfaction, and incredibly well managed projects. Julia’s clients have included Canadian, American and global companies, corporations and government agencies, working in many different sectors including banking, telecommunications, R&D, construction and IT.
With the scope of her tenure leading her to be in charge of larger and broader reaching projects, it was a natural progression for her to take charge of client services and consulting. Julia's reputation and skill set led her to the opportunity of working with one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, AT&T Solutions, customer care, where she implemented a human resource management strategy with thousands of people between Winnipeg and Jacksonville. She saved the company millions of dollars in contingent workforce spend and thousands of hours of human resource time investment, and she also launched VMS technology in Canada through IQNavigator and White Amber.
The founding of HCMWorks was a natural next step combining both staffing and VMS technology. With the ability to be completely hands-on with her clients, Julia confidently leads a team of exceptional professionals who deliver, time and again, to their clients, both long-standing and new. As a leader in both her profession and in her community, Julia has been awarded a number of recognitions including a finalist for the EY Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, but most importantly the Sarah Kirke award. Being a mentor to other professionals, especially women, has always been a priority which is why she is a member of IWF and WPO. As such, she has had the opportunity to speak at a number of events, as a businesswoman, a CEO, a single mother and as an inspiration to other women leaders and was awarded the enterprising woman of the year award in 2015. Julia continues to support many causes that are important to her, including the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the National Arts Center, the Human Society, The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and many others. Julia continues to push the boundaries of best practices and client services in the sphere of human capital management, technology and vendor management.

Maude Boivin

Senior Vice-President Finance & Operations

During her 14 years at HCMWorks, Maude Boivin has led numerous successful design and implementations of workforce and vendor management programs across North America. Her previous 10-year background in the staffing industry has further helped her in developing a deep understanding of all stakeholders and perspectives. This provides her with a keen ability to find creative and pragmatic solutions to the benefit of all parties. Her focus lies in the development and implementation of strategies that serve to increase ROI for her customers, while also bringing every program to the next level.

Maude provides leadership and mentorship to her growing team and ensures that HCMWorks’ continue to deliver on its biggest differentiator - to provide creative, out-of-the-box solutions that consistently yield outstanding results. To accomplish this, Maude combines her deep knowledge of VMS technology and ERP systems, recruiting solutions, vendor, program and change management to make of her one of the strongest and most knowledgeable assets in this specialized industry.

She has worked closely with clients ranging from a variety of industries such as banking, public sector, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial, aeronautics and telecommunication. Maude’s pride comes from her team’s high tenure and excellent service delivery. They have always exceeded objectives and surpassed targets. Some may say “Get it done” but she says “Get it done impeccably!”

Maria Ricci

Senior Vice-President Client & Business Solutions

Innovative and strategic in pursuing business objectives, Maria possesses over 30 years experience in the staffing industry, and the full spectrum of contingent workforce solutions (MSP, PEO, RPO) business. Constantly focused on achieving bottom line results for the corporation and clients through sales, client retention, quality service, efficiency management, and the career growth and succession of talented human resources.

Maria has held numerous positions as Vice President, General Manager, Regional Director, Operations Director, Sales Leader, and Consultant for both the US and Canada. Her areas of expertise include operational management, the integration and supervision of processes, metrics, quality programs and system technologies. Often recognized for her customer service techniques, strategic sales, market planning and growth, her forté also includes business financial analysis, management consulting, and the hiring, training, motivating, coaching and development of the right people and teams.

Proficient in pursuing corporate objectives, Maria has proven achievement through strategic planning, the growth and the development of numerous organizations across Canada and the US and helping secure and ensure substantial income progression for key strategic accounts within different regions in North America.

Samy Daenzer

Vice-President Sales – North America

Prior to joining HCMWorks, Samy developed specific skills related to client relationship management, advisory, forecasting and budgeting as well as procurement optimization in the context of cost reductions. Supported with his background in finance and information systems, Samy brought extensive knowledge of strategic sourcing and vendor management best practices to HCMWorks when he joined in 2013 to support the company’s MSP operations as a client-side advisory consultant.

In his early tenure with HCMWorks, he worked on site for key clients with the HCMWorks MSP teams where he helped develop key strategies to enable HCMWorks to further grow its MSP programs.

He subsequently led and supported the implementation of multiple comprehensive contingent workforce management programs, acquiring a strong ability to evaluate and capture the customer-specific success factors needed to ensure successful, consistent and comprehensive delivery of HCMWorks entire suite of contingent workforce management solutions and advisory services.

Today, Samy continues to acts as a strategic, client-facing resource, providing the required consulting services and implementation advisory. In his role as Vice President of Sales, he is responsible for the ongoing growth of HCMWorks’ footprint, by maintaining and developing relationships with new and current technology partners, service provider and customers across North America.

Guillaume Averous

Vice-President Customer Success

Guillaume has been a key orchestrator for HCMWorks since he joined the company. He is considered as one of the organization’s strongest resources in terms of contingent workforce management expertise and experience. With extensive North American and European market experience, and a background in accounting, he carries along different perspectives and a broad skillset that allows him to deploy and manage efficient programs.  

Guillaume has worked with several leading technological, financial applications and HR applications, bringing his versatile knowledge required to adapt, recommend, and work with any software/tool requirements that best fits any client environment. As a strong leader, he has a deep and natural understanding of client needs, which translate into exceptional customer experience. He is highly dedicated to his customers and not only respects all established deadlines, but he is also known to exceed expectations every time. He inspires and leads our clients by example.

Today, he plays a leading role, managing key HCMWorks accounts and supporting HCMWorks’ advisory branch to provide expert advice and recommendations, based on industry best practices.

“The HCM team was the foundation in the implementation of a contingent workforce managed solution which extends from the hiring process to the payment of consultants.  For more than 5 years, our partnership with HCMWorks enables us to effectively meet our objectives in accessing a large talent pool, all while controlling our costs.” 

Vendor Management Client

"I've been working for almost 10 years with the HCMWorks' team and I hope to continue for another 10 years.  Professional and passionate are a few words that best describe this team. They offer excellent overall service and are always available for any inquiries. Their knowledge of the market makes them an asset to the business. I would not hesitate to recommend them." 

National Senior Manager Staffing Office

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