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Service & Quality

HCMWorks Service & Quality

Good service gets you ahead, but it's only sustained by quality and performance. 

HCMWorks is proud of the quality of service we offer.

With no hidden agendas or invisible fees, we are driven by creating and delivering the successful outcomes we promised and your company expects. Our objective is to provide nothing less than an exceptional experience from end-to-end.

At the core of HCMWorks’ MSP business are 2 words, which we do not take lightly, namely ‘Service Provider’. Providing quality service is that additional factor that makes HCMWorks stand out from the crowd.

HCMWorks’ success competing against larger global firms has been the result of its focus on the client. It's the expressed goal and ability to truly internalize a specific culture and approach to work. This has allowed for rapid program adoption through effective change management.

Our company culture puts the client first with a 'get it done' attitude. We carefully select, train and manage our people to internalize these values to the benefit of our client.

Good service gets you ahead, but it's only sustained by quality and performance. Time and time again, HCMWorks is proud to have grown its reputation as a firm who has delivered on its promises and engagements. The key factor is quality and we stand by it.

"I've been working for almost 10 years with the HCMWorks' team and I hope to continue for another 10 years.  Professional and passionate are few words that best describe this team. They offer excellent overall service and are always available for any inquiries. Their knowledge of the market makes them an asset for the business. I would not hesitate to recommend them."

National Senior Manager Staffing Office

“The HCMWorks team was the foundation in the implementation of a contingent workforce managed solution which extends from the hiring process to the payment of consultants.  For more than 5 years, our partnership with HCMWorks enables us to effectively meet our objectives in accessing a large talent pool, all while controlling our costs.” 

Vendor Management Client

"Having had HCMWorks and their team of professionals supporting our contract resources over the past four years has been a pleasure. HCM experts continue to provide solid and consistent resource management, procurement and administration and we appreciate the efforts that they successfully offer. Having them on our team is a huge asset!" 

Senior Manager, Data Centres

The HCMWorks Blog

How to Manage Your Independent Contractor Payroll

How to Manage Your Independent Contractor Payroll

Today’s businesses need to be more flexible than ever. With increased competition and rapidly changing market conditions, organizations across the world are focusing on creating agile workforces made up of both employee and non-employee workers. 

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Top Benefits of a Vendor Neutral Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Top Benefits of a Vendor Neutral Managed Services Provider (MSP)

When procurement departments first got involved with managing an increasingly growing contingent workforce, they were often tasked by executive teams to reduce costs.

The initial premise was that procuring people, with specific skills and intellectual capital, was not unlike procuring any other needed resource. Procurement traditionally concentrated on cost, risk, and measurement, and this competency was extended to staffing contingent workers.

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5 Common Contingent Workforce Management Mistakes, and How to Fix Them

5 Common Contingent Workforce Management Mistakes, and How to Fix Them

Are you responsible for managing your organization's contingent workforce? If so, you'll no doubt be continuously trying to maximize efficiencies and cut costs in order to increase profitability. To do this successfully, you need to address some common contingent workforce challenges.
In this blog, HCMWorks will take a look at the five most common contingent workforce challenges that are wasting money for your business - and what you can do to fix those issues and become more profitable. Before we get into that, let's first take a quick look at the contingent workforce.

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