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5 Tips to Speed up Your Organization’s Hiring Process

Posted by Julia Fournier on 11 Sep 2019

Acquiring top talent is what makes your company so successful, but what happens when your organization simply can’t move fast enough to get its hands on the best workers in your industry?

This is a growing problem in today’s workforce, especially when considering the huge shortage in skilled workers.

It’s now essential for your company to be nimble and have the ability to react quickly and efficiently if you are to engage with top talent when it is available. This sounds scary at first. Most companies believe they need the time to properly scope out and compare candidates to ensure they are hiring the workers that fulfil their needs.

However, there are some steps your company can take that not only significantly reduces the time of your hiring process, but also ensures you are accessing top talent.

How to speed up your organization’s hiring process

Organizations, no matter the size, must now implement new strategies into their hiring process if they are to access skilled workers and gain an edge over their competition - but how? In this blog, we take a look at five key methods here:

1 - Create a long-term plan

For most organizations, the hiring process is reactive. Companies tend not to think about their workforce until they need to fill an open vacancy - and then they spend a grueling amount of time seeking out a qualified candidate to interview.

The result? Your company has an open position that takes a month or longer to fill.

By creating a long-term plan that looks at the potential needs of your company, depending on your rate of growth, you'll be able to fill positions far quicker. This could involve holding informational interviews with prospective candidates for various areas within your company, or building your very own talent pool (which we will come to later).

2 - Utilize your internal network of talented workers

Since your organization is successful, it’s certain that your company already has a long list of talented workers that already work for you. Upskilling an employee who already knows your processes and fits in with your company culture is a far quicker exercise than looking for a new worker to fill a vacant position.

This really is as simple as it sounds. By taking the time to invest in your internal workers - this could include giving them more responsibilities, promoting those showing promise or training employees with potential - you’ll not only speed up hiring times but also save money on costly hiring processes.

3 - Make use of the contingent workforce

If you are the CEO or manager of a large organization then it’s likely you've already tapped into the contingent workforce, but, unfortunately, your company probably isn’t making the most of this highly beneficial workforce.

By implementing a truly successful contingent workforce management strategy, your business will be able to engage non-permanent workers rapidly to fill open positions or a skills gap that your company is currently experiencing.

Hiring contingent workers means your organization can completely avoid the long waiting period that comes with filling permanent positions, as well as having the peace-of-mind that you haven’t hired the wrong worker.

4 - Build a talent pool

As we covered in our recent blog - titled ‘What is a Talent Pool and How Can Your Business Build One’ - a talent pool is a database of potential job candidates that have already shown interest in working for your organization.

By leveraging the top talent in this pool of workers, your company will be able to meet its immediate, short-term and long-term needs. Having these workers on an easy-to-access file means you’ll be able to bypass the time-consuming hiring processes that slow down workers joining your company - such as advertising, screening and interviewing for a new position.

5 - Outsource your hiring process to an expert

Whether you’re a smaller company with limited HR and procurement staff or an international enterprise that needs multiple workers for a range of different offices, delayed hiring process are probably largely out of your control.

That’s because workforce management is highly complex, and it’s unlikely your company has either the resources or expertise to implement a successful strategy.

That’s why you should consider outsourcing your workforce management to a managed services provider (MSP), with specific experience in talent acquisition.

An outsourced MSP will ensure your company adopts an effective total talent acquisition strategy that activates the potential of contingent workforce management and enhances your existing pool of internal and external workers.

Want to learn how HCMWorks can help revolutionize your organization's workforce and significantly speed up your hiring times? Contact our team of experts today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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