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New HCMWorks Video Explains the Importance of a Contingent Workforce Management Strategy

Posted by Julia Fournier on 27 Sep 2018

Today’s on-demand economy means companies are increasingly relying on contingent workers to support their workforce requirements. These non-permanent workers give businesses access to top talent, help boost growth, and encourage the creation of an agile and flexible workplace.

However, the management of contingent workers is complex and has created extra workload for both HR and procurement professionals, who need to source and vet contract workers for a variety of positions and departments across their organization. 

This can add up to a lot of complex tracking and additional work for these departments, and it simply cannot be managed in a manual and unstructured way. Thankfully, there are staffing agencies, consulting firms and managed service providers (MSPs) out there to help you hire, onboard and manage your entire contingent workforce.

These companies can help your organization choose the best workers to work with, make sure you’re paying fair rates for their service and organize the management of your contingent workers in a structured and automated way that provides a seamless and efficient process for your business.

Get a quick overview of this strategy and process in HCMWork’s brand-new corporate video. You can watch the video here.

About HCMWorks

HCMWorks is a technology and staffing vendor-neutral company that provides expertise on the processes and management strategies that help optimize your contingent workforce program, including benefits such as reducing your workforce costs, acquiring top talent and mitigating against misclassification risks.

We ensure you have access to the best talent at the best rates, and make sure that you have the best-in-class technology to support your contingent workforce management needs. Our strategies will ensure your organizations realizes its human capital objectives.

Are you interested in learning more about the implementation of a company-wide contingent workforce management strategy? Contact HCMWorks today and we can explain in detail how can partner with your company.

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