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Why It Pays to Use Workforce Management Software

Posted by Julia Fournier on 29 Sep 2015

To be successful in today’s competitive market, your organization needs to be agile and alert, efficient and productive, cost effective and lean. It can be difficult to achieve all of these goals at the same time, but being able to meet your production or customer demands while also controlling costs is essential in the business world.

Organizations with large, diverse workforces should prioritize the effective management of their employees. Using workforce management software can help you ensure that you improve productivity and efficiency for every dollar spent in order to improve your bottom line. It will allow you to remain competitive, embark on lean initiatives with fewer resources, and eliminate waste, while keeping up with demand. Your workforce is your largest controllable expense. It’s time to redirect some focus on managing it.

What Is Workforce Management Software?

Workforce management software enables you to automate the functions required to manage your workforce, such as pay rules, work rules, leave management, scheduling and attendance, union contracts, overtime reporting, and more. It’s a central hub for all workforce management activities. It provides real-time data, visibility, and even forecasting abilities that allow you to make better managerial decisions about your workforce. By automating these processes rather than using old-school pen and paper or even disjointed, ineffective spreadsheets, you can reap many rewards.

Here’s why it pays to use workforce management software.

Streamline Processes

Replacing your manual processes with automated systems can generate big improvements in the way you manage your workforce. Doing so allows for the reduction of wasted time associated with manually inputting data, eliminates the duplication of work, and helps you better communicate information to other departments, such as your payroll and HR departments, in a more efficient way.  This better flow of data between myriad departments can help you reduce administrative costs, labor costs, and operational expenses.

Reduce Costs through Improved Accuracy

With automation, you can significantly reduce your risk of errors. This can be exceptionally beneficial. Inaccurate classification, payments of unnecessary overtime or leave, pay policy oversights, or time off when it hasn’t been accrued can all add up and effect your bottom line. The fewer human errors are made, the more money you save.

Improve Morale

When you are managing and paying your workers correctly and promptly, you boost morale, which inevitably leads to increased productivity, commitment, and loyalty. Being poorly managed and always seeing errors on their pay checks both take a toll on your employees—don’t let this hurt their morale, your turnover rate, or your reputation.

Increase Compliance

Workforce management software also helps in one very important way: by increasing compliance. When all of your statements of work, employment contracts, and other documents are in one central place, they are easier to keep track of. You’ll also have increased visibility into compliance risks and liabilities that can harm your business.

Efficient Scheduling

Armed with the right data thanks to workforce management software, managers can improve their scheduling efficiencies. They will have timely access to budget requirements and productivity requirements and can compare this with the labor-related expenditures in the program. They’ll have an overview of worker availability, skills, training, and certifications as well as contract requirements. This means they can ensure that the right workers with the right skills are working on the projects that need them most. It also allows managers to ensure that they are not overscheduling or understaffing at any given time thanks to demand forecasting, so they’ll always have the right amount of staff to meet demands without wasted labor.

Improve Overall Business Performance

You have an opportunity to significantly and sustainably improve overall business performance with workforce management software. Automation allows you to improve accuracy and compliance, schedule more efficiently, and reduce costs. You’ll streamline your operations and reduce inefficiencies, which will reverberate throughout your entire organization.

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