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The Value of a Neutral MSP

Posted by HCM Works on 28 Apr 2017

A truly neutral MSP provider examines the internal and external landscape of a client's contingent workforce ecosystem and designs, implements and manages a program purely from a perspective that is intended to maximize the client's value as a consumer of contingent labor. There is no alternative goal of maximizing staffing placements or pushing a certain technology solution. Instead, the focus can be squarely on the client and their specific requirements.

This modelling ensures that clients are provided with a holistic view of their total human capital footprint and costs relative to their requirements.

The deployment of an MSP initiative across the organization via a carefully managed communication plan, changed management attention, and end-user training plans, along with the use of best in class technologies, enables the neutral MSP to deliver exceptional value to its clients.

Neutral MSPs are measured by:

  1. Implementing a cost-neutral solution that delivers the better productivity for less cost, or greater productivity for the same cost, as compared to the prior year (cost savings).
  2. Providing measurably improved access to talent, service performance, and end-user satisfaction.
  3. Measurable, positive impact on earnings.

Additionally, the MSP serves to normalize the workforce market on behalf of its clients by making use of market-driven information, signal and events across a broad spectrum of suppliers to ensure the best service, at the best cost, at the right time.

The expertise and neutrality of the MSP enables two distinct service providers — staffing/professional services and technology — to join with the client and provide that client maximum cost and performance benefit.

It is apparent that companies that need to access intellectual capital continue their search for the most efficient service delivery models. It is equally apparent that the visibility afforded by MSPs and their related technologies is enabling client companies to eliminate the often substantial price differences between suppliers providing the same positions.

What is not so evident is that the neutral MSP solutions are now facilitating the delivery of services, once considered to be solutions for large companies, to small and mid-market consumers of staffing and professional services.

The availability of software as a service (SaaS) and the continued fragmentation of the staffing industry is enabling MSP companies to extend their value proposition by aggregating staffing services under a defined umbrella of normalized pricing and standardized KPIs so that all clients, whether consumers of large or minimal amounts of staffing or professional services, can see marked improvements in cost and performance.

Managing Your Independent Contractor Program

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