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How to Take Control of Your Workforce Management

Posted by Julia Fournier on 13 Oct 2015

If you are investing the majority of your resources, personnel, time and money on managing your customer relationships and increasing your sales but you’re still managing your workforce with spreadsheets and disorganized, disjointed processes, you are hurting your profits. Of course, making sales is important, but your workers are your biggest competitive advantage. When you increase productivity through effective workplace management, you can boost your bottom line. Greater organizational efficiency and heightened productivity will lead to higher levels of customer service, which in turn will lead to higher customer satisfaction and better sales numbers.

In order to maintain a healthy and productive workforce, you need to effectively manage all workforce activities. This includes recruitment, onboarding, payroll and benefits administration, human resources, training and development, time keeping and attendance, performance management, scheduling, and forecasting. Only when you effectively manage your workforce can you assign the right workers with the right skills to the right projects, meet demand, optimize staff scheduling, and meet your objectives without hassles, headaches, risks, liabilities, or errors.

It’s time to reprioritize, ditch the spreadsheets, and take control of your workforce management by investing in the right solutions.

Workforce Management Services

If your management processes are in complete disarray and you don’t know where to start optimizing them, if you simply want the guidance and recommendations of an expert, or if you need the objectivity of a third party to identify your processes’ strengths and weaknesses, consider engaging the services of a workforce management service provider. The provider will give you the tools you need to improve workforce productivity, control labor costs, and minimize compliance risks. It will assess your current situation and come up with a custom solution to fit your unique workforce needs, which could include procurement, payment processes, compliance and more.

Workforce Software

In today’s digital age, there’s no reason to be manually handling your workforce activities. Technology can greatly increase efficiencies while giving you the ability to manage your end-to-end processes quickly and conveniently through automation. With workforce management software, you can store and manage employment contracts for greater compliance, schedule your staff and keep track of time and attendance, pay your workers, track performance, forecast future staffing needs, and so much more, all from one centralized hub.

Most importantly, you can gain access to performance analytics that provide immediate data about your employees and contingent workers so you can make intelligent, data-driven decisions in real time. You will be able to track and measure performance and analyze the data to identify challenges and opportunities and make the right decisions, whether it’s how many workers to have on one project, whether or not to renew a SOW contract, dismiss or promote an employee, or anything in between. The insights you’ll receive through automation are simply impossible to attain when you’re using spreadsheets or pen and paper to manage your employees.

It’s Time to Take Control

Workforce management is a complex business challenge. Many factors come into play and each one needs to be carefully considered, reviewed, and managed in order to effectively manage your workers to optimize their value to your organization. Using workforce management solutions, including a service provider and the right software, can help you achieve your goal of a healthy and productive workforce that drives higher profits. It’s time to take control of the way you manage your workers—invest in workforce management. Your employees are your greatest asset as well as the key to your success. By effectively managing them, you can gain the competitive edge that will solidify your place in the market and allow you to grow your company into the future.

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