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HOW COVID-19 Impacted Workforce Management

Posted by HCM Works on 23 Mar 2021

Workforce management has been recognized as an efficient way to counteract the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This past year, companies have had their resilience tested, been forced to adapt to new market circumstances, and restructured the way their employees collaborate. New strategies and business models have helped companies stay afloat, and some of these changes may be more permanent than previously thought.

The experience of the pandemic encouraged business flexibility, more effective project management, sparked recruitment trends, and brought remote work into focus. Many of the changes that were implemented for short-term survival may just be the key to a thriving business for years to come.

Flexibility & Adaptation

It goes without saying that the ability to adapt to difficult circumstances is critical. Across the world, business started reskilling workers, restructured onboarding programs, and changed their budget priorities. Adapting to new work conditions and pandemic safety guidelines meant having to be creative in the face of new challenges.

More Effective Project Management

The more tasks an employee takes on, the greater the need for effective project management. Because less resources are being spent on office management and upkeep, businesses can reinvest in collaborative project management communication tools to maintain productivity. As such, the pandemic helped accelerate digitization trends that were already years in the making.

Recruitment Trends

The pandemic increased workload, decreased headcount, and shortened deadlines. Thus, businesses needed to expand job descriptions to encompass a broader range of responsibilities. For example, contingent workers with a wide range of competencies hired for specific duties are now adapting to changing needs by covering other tasks within their area of expertise. Recruitment trends are changing as employers look for more diverse skill sets. The engagement of contingent workers continues as businesses require additional assistance without the added costs of a permanent, full-time employee.

Business Resilience

COVID-19 appeared suddenly and stayed longer than anyone expected. The crisis brought new attention to the role of resilience in business planning. Widespread disruptions can occur at any time and place, and it is up to business leaders to prepare for the worst-case scenarios. Both employees and employers need to actively engage in consistent training and learning. Employers also need to know their employees – specifically their range of talents, skills, and certifications - to place them in positions which best utilize their abilities.

Remote Work

One of the biggest adjustments to COVID-19 is remote work, as businesses went from digitizing client-business relations to employer-employee relations. While some companies have been hesitant to fully embrace remote work in the past, PwC reports that 91% of surveyed employers observed an increase in worker productivity in remote work settings. With many employees favoring remote work or a hybrid remote-office work setting, physical office spaces are seeing less traffic. As a result, many companies may reevaluate their real estate needs to cut operating costs.

Employee Well-Being

The changes made to the work environment have caused many to examine the work-life balance of employees. Businesses continue to look for new ways of promoting mental and physical health in the absence of in-office work. Corporate emphasis on work-life balance not only encourages employee loyalty but can also attract a wider pool of applicants and the attention of top-talent.

How We Support Our Clients

HCMWorks is a contingent workforce solutions provider which assists companies in acquiring talent, managing costs, minimizing risk and optimizing processes. To learn more about how HCMWorks can help optimize your hiring practices, get in touch with an expert.


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