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HCMWorks Upgraded To Major Contender by Latest Managed Service Provider (MSP) Research By Everest Group

Posted by HCM Works on 30 Jan 2017

As the global MSP market continues to undergo a transformation due to the evolving business requirements of buyers, HCMWorks has responded with the strengthening of its overall services capabilities, with advances in deliverability, technology, innovation, and growing client success in the market.

As a result, the Everest Group, an independent research firm, has upgraded HCMWorks to a major contender in the MSP marketplace.

In the report titled, “Managed Service Provider (MSP) – Service Provider Landscape with PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2016”, Everest Group examines the MSP landscape, along with the dynamics and analysis of the MSP market.

“We’re proud that the Everest Group has recognized our hard work and progress as a growing and innovative MSP," says Julia Fournier, CEO, HCMWorks. “In fact, we are the only neutral MSP mentioned in the Everest report, which means that we are staffing agency independent, and we don't have staffing revenue in our 'top line'. MSP buyers are now looking for strategic gains from their MSP programs, and this has given us an opportunity to differentiate our services offering, by bringing together more innovative solutions, technology, add-on tools, and analytics platforms, as well as refining our industry best practices and deliverability as part of our client success program.”

MSP programs are evolving, once again, shifting towards the proactive management and optimization of the overall workforce talent supply in order to meet the talent demands and achieve the strategic goals of companies.

Companies are looking for access to quality talent in a timely manner, optimally managed with minimized cost and risks, and they’re willing to use all forms of talent to achieve their business strategies.

A properly structured MSP program should focus on rate card savings, response times, speed of delivery, workforce visibility, and the management and optimization of talent.

As a neutral MSP, HCMWorks offers a unique combination of technical skills, resources, and processes that set us apart from the competition. One such innovative service, developed exclusively for mid-market businesses, is the fully accessible, on-demand solution called HCMNow. HCMNow requires no implementation time and is an easy and fast way for companies to immediately benefit from cost savings.

Learn more about why HCMWorks, and its independent staffing agency approach, could be the right choice for your Managed Services Program.

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About HCMWorks

We are a contingent workforce service provider helping organizations gain better access to talent through the use of independent contractors, consultants, temporary workers, freelancers and other non-payrolled employees. We provide the expertise, the technology, and processes to help you reduce your workforce costs, mitigate against misclassification and co-employment risks, and increase the efficiency and timeliness of your contingent recruitment process. Read more about what our clients say about us here.

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