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Can An MSP Help Secure Increased Access To Talent?

Posted by Julia Fournier on 14 Feb 2017

The visibility and importance of contingent talent in companies today can't be ignored. Therefore, having a management program in place for contingent workers enables the flexibility you need to augment your staffing levels on an as-needed basis for special projects, obtain highly skilled talent quickly, work around headcount restrictions, and improve coverage during peak periods.

We already know that a non-traditional blended workforce brings cost efficiencies, innovation, vital skills, fresh perspectives and agility in times of unpredictable global markets and sudden labor demands. 

However, as these blended workforces grow more disparate, the process of managing their needs, expectations, and roles, become increasingly complex.

It makes more sense now to consider the power of how an MSP can help you manage the entire contingent labor pool and crucially the all-important access to talent.

Fast Talent Sourcing And Timely Recruiting

MSPs are ideally positioned to rapidly source and place highly qualified workers, and find the best-fit for their talent across a broad range of vendors. Where traditional companies languish in a hiring process that can span 60 to 90 days, MSPs can usually requisition, fill and onboard positions within a much shorter period of time.

Talent Depth At More Competitive Rates

MSPs not only have a pool of talent to draw from, but they also have the experience to hire across a diverse range of industries and job categories, which allows them to engage in more strategic, targeted and timely recruiting. The benefit of this means that an MSP can access higher quality talent, at more competitive rates, faster with higher client satisfaction.

Single Point Of Contact

MSPs who handle all aspects of the contingent workforce can save hiring managers time by serving as the single point of contact between workers, client managers, and staffing suppliers. MSPs can also be responsible for invoicing and making payments to vendors, and this can pave the way for MSPs to take on greater involvement with the entire talent population for their clients.

More Workforce Transparency

MSPs can also oversee the management of the contingent workforce. They have the technologies and resources in place to create, monitor and report on corporate KPIs, ensuring that clients have complete visibility into their operations.

  • An MSP program can typically offer clients transparency with,
  • Talent management to ensure adequate hiring quality, quantity, and cost
  • Full workforce reporting and data analytics
  • Best practices and benchmarking
  • Review of requisition process to ensure accuracy, clarity, and compliance
  • Pre-screening for the best candidates, including audit of clearances, qualifications and asset tracking
  • Management of open positions, reviews, interviewing, onboarding process
As the workforce itself continues to evolve, become more diverse, and blended, MSPs can add innovative processes leveraging new technologies, adding more workforce transparency and visibility. When that is done well it can drive further business success.


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