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3 Tips to Recruit On-Demand Workers for Your Next Project

Posted by HCM Works on 2 Jun 2017

Finding an effective way of getting the right skills into your organization, often at a moment’s notice for a special project, is becoming increasingly important.

To meet this growing demand for new skills, organizations are bringing in contractors with specific project expertise on a temporary basis.

By leveraging this independent, on-demand workforce, organizations are able to increase their agility and flexibility, so they are better positioned to innovate, without compromising overall productivity.

Helping a client manage their contingent workforce more efficiently

If you're looking at hiring people with the specific skills you need, and you think the independent worker route is best for you, here are three tips you need to know to stay ahead.

1. Tap into the growing pool of contingent workers

Tapping into the contingent workforce pool gives organizations more flexibility and freedom to work in “project mode”, combining various skill sets into temporary teams to solve a specific problem, and then disbanding them. The ability to scale up and down, based on-demand, can give the innovation edge some businesses need to stay ahead of the competition.

The key is to hire the right temporary skills quickly. This is helped by the tangible changes we are seeing in the economy, the new workforce, and new ways people are working. Freelancers and contractors were traditionally hired for non-strategic secondary tasks, not essential to business success. Today, freelancers and contract workers are now key in filling significant roles, on-demand and on a temporary basis. Recruiting freelancers and contractors makes perfect sense in this new contingent workforce economy, where skills are the new currency.

2. Change your traditional recruitment process to online recruitment

Finding freelance talent for the skills you need has meant wasted time sourcing and vetting candidates that may only be needed for a short amount of time. As more highly-skilled, on-demand workers are required, the traditional recruitment process just doesn’t make sense, you will have to go online and try other sources.

The best way to access highly skilled professionals is via various online recruitment platforms. These platforms are easy to use, and can focus on what’s important and valuable. A more flexible workforce requires a more flexible online recruitment model where the top talent is located.

3. Have a third party administer the new hires

Recruiting properly can be a big challenge, especially if you're looking for the right people with special skills. Therefore, having the flexibility, the freedom of choice, and the right to send someone back if they don’t work out, removes risk and saves time when you are managing project deadlines. Ideally, you should have a third party organization worry about contracts, legal, payroll, administrative and compliance matters - this will take all the headaches out of the recruitment process so you can successfully focus on the project.

If you want to hire on-demand, and hire fast for your next project, we recommend you hire online from the growing pool of contingent workers. As a result, you will undoubtedly build a smarter and more adaptable project team able help you outpace your competition.

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