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3 Key Points to Remember When Managing Your Contingent Workforce

Posted by Julia Fournier on 7 Mar 2017

1 - Contingent workers and permanent employees are not the same

Your permanent employees have been hired into your company. They're on the company payroll, receive the benefits that are offered, take paid vacation time, and they're provided with all the resources and training that is needed to do their job.

Your contingent workers are completely different than your employees. Contingent workers are temporary staff who have been hired to complete a specific project. They are only with your company for a set period of time. Their contract and payment process is different than your permanent employees.

So keep in mind the more your contingent workforce grows, the more difficult the management of them becomes, as each contingent worker may have a different contract, and a different payment rate and schedule. 

Therefore as an employer, it is essential to be able to identify who, in fact, is a employee and who is not.

2 - Outside help can help with workforce efficiencies

Managing your contingent workforce could be a hefty responsibility. Therefore, why not outsource the management of your contingent labor force to help with your hiring, contracts and payment process?

There are specialized contingent labor management firms, such as HCMWorks, who specifically work with temporary and contract workers. Let us manage the recruiting, screening, selection, contract negotiation and ongoing process for you. It will immediately save you valuable resources and time.

3 - Make sure you enable contingent workforce insight with performance measurement software

Nobody wants to pay for a service if it isn’t done properly. The same goes for your contingent workforce. How are you able to measure your contingent workforce’s performance to ensure that you’re not overpaying and goals are being met?

By implementing a contingent workforce management solution, you're able to have all the metrics and data in place in order to properly monitor your worker’s performance. With a contingent labor management program, you can ensure that optimal productivity is being met. You will also be able to address performance issues early on, before they impact your company. This then becomes a win/win process for everyone concerned.

Gaining external insight into your labor force can be a good thing. Once your contingent workforce increases, and becomes more complex, you may get to a point where it's too much for your company to manage on its own.

Gaining support from a professional, managed services provider (MSP) will help you to best manage your contingent workers. By working with an MSP, such as HCMWorks, you'll be helping your company reduce risks and liabilities, and maintain compliance amongst all your workers, as well as enhance visibility of the workers performance.


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