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HCMWorks is 100% Technology Neutral

Technology lies at the core of any successful contingent workforce management program

Planning, selecting, configuring and implementing the right technology is key to supporting your management objectives. By partnering with industry experts, such as HCMWorks, you can confidently automate and streamline your business processes, transactions and relationships to support the management, acquisition and payment of your contingent workers.

Not all available technologies are created equal, or will integrate equally with your larger enterprise technology ecosystem, or company culture.

Some will allow for better results than others, and it’s critical to have a technology neutral adviser (such as HCMWorks) by your side who will assist you in making informed decisions based on your unique business culture, needs, and goals, by making suggestions and recommendations based on past experience.

HCMWorks is 100% Technology Neutral

What does 100% technology neutral mean and why does it matter?

HCMWorks is not affiliated with any technology provider and therefore we offer 100% neutral and objective advice when evaluating market leading systems and helping clients select the right technology.

This matters, because HCMWorks can work closely with you to help find the right technology solutions that are the best fit for you and your company.

With no hidden agendas or business motives, we assist in sourcing the right e-procurement and vendor management system (VMS) based on our many years of experience and expertise.

HCMWorks is positioned to find the perfect solution for its clients because we are 100% technology neutral and we're not trying to sell you technology. Our primary goal is to select the most compatible tool for our clients. 

Subsequent to a technology decision, HCMWorks can implement and integrate the selected technology and support you in building a successful contingent workforce management program, help you optimize your contingent workforce and quickly achieve positive ROI.

HCMWorks is positioned to find the perfect solution for you because we're 100% technology neutral and we're not trying to sell you technology.

Technology lies at the core of any successful contingent workforce management program, therefore sourcing technology from a 100% neutral technology advisor, will give you the best ROI.
Vendor Management Technology for Contingent Workforces

How Technology Can Help

Today, many types of systems are available to support organizations in managing their non-employee workforce. Vendor Management Technology (VMS) is at the core with supporting and emerging technologies such as Freelance Management Systems (FMS) and other technologies specific to assessments, testing and or compliance requirements.

With the right technology, your company can drive efficiencies, streamline processes, and enable visibility and control. This makes tasks more manageable and enables organizations to scale better. It also allows for fewer costly errors, enables better quality of service, allows for quicker decision making, and lowers the administrative overhead associated with procurement. But perhaps most importantly, the right technology provides relevant data so you can get insight into your contingent workforce and the management of them.

And in big data lies great potential. The more you know, the better decisions you can make, the better you can control spend, and the better you can manage operations.

HCMWorks has experience working with all the leading technology providers to support contingent workforce management programs. Additional details are available in our technology solutions section.

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