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HCMWorks Managed
Services Program (MSP)

Visibility, savings, efficiency and fast access to talent

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As the economy turns around and boomers exit the marketplace, finding the right resources to fill the talent gaps in your organization is becoming a growing challenge. The contingent workforce provides access to a vital source of quality talent but it also comes with a number of operational, financial and legal challenges and risks that must be carefully managed. 

A managed services program or MSP is a combination of process, practice and technology that allow you to centralize and consolidate all your temporary workers, from both staffing vendors and directly sourced.

An MSP enables you to easily streamline, simplify and manage the contingent workforce supply chain from requisition to payment and everything in between. The outcome is increased visibility on contingent headcount and spend, reduced costs and greater compliance with federal and state regulations.

At zero implementation and post-implementation cost, HCMNow is a turnkey MSP that helps organizations gain control of and realize savings on contingent labor. HCMNow is a tool that centralizes, tracks, and manages all of your non-permanent resources in one accessible location for ease of management and forecasting.

This service was designed to be comparable to a full contingent labor Managed Service Provider (MSP) program but on an on-demand basis.

Quicker access to higher quality talent through staffing vendors or directly sourced candidates

Better contingent worker accounting with a clear and comprehensive view of contingent headcount, spend, staffing vendors, and more

Streamlined and automated end-to-end process (from “req to check”) that reduces costly billing errors, speeds up time to fill, and eliminates the chaos and complexity

of the contingent workforce supply chain

Better cost control through healthy competition amongst staffing vendors

Workforce analytics and key insights to make better and more informed decisions

Increased visibility into your contingent workforce headcount and spend



SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHT. Knowing you’re fully protected

A properly structured MSP can protect your organization against misclassification challenges and class action lawsuits across all categories of non-permanent workers, be it through staffing vendors, directly sourced candidates, independent contractors and SOW resources.

Ask our team of experts how HCMWorks can help protect your business.


Build a proprietary talent pool

Many businesses that use contingent workers on an on-going basis would greatly benefit from the creation of a proprietary talent pool: a centrally managed database of contingent workforce alumni who have been vetted, on-boarded, and often trained on the very positions you need to fill, at your fingertips and with no vendor markups.

HCMWorks offers a unique combination of skills, resources and processes that set us apart from the competition.

Learn more about why HCMWorks could be the right choice for your Contingent Workforce Managed Services Program.



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