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Independent Contractor
Client / Business Solutions

Access to a vast pool of talent, without the misclassification risks

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Today’s younger generation of highly skilled and high-performing workers are trading job security for more freedom, fast-track growth and substantial tax savings by joining the flexible workforce. Organizations who wish to tap the best and brightest must increasingly turn to independent contractors to fulfill their talent requirements.

However, retaining independent contractors comes with the growing risk of misclassification: classifying individuals as 1099 / IC workers when they are in fact employees.

Independent Contractor (IC / 1099) Payment Solutions enable organizations to avoid misclassification challenges by the IRS, Revenue Canada, DOL and other state / provincial, and federal agencies, as well as streamline their procurement and payment process.


An arms-length relationship that protects your business

HCMWorks will retain your 1099 / IC workers on your behalf, screen and vet them, ensure that they are actually qualified to be classified as an independent contractor, and manage the full contract lifecycle.

Access to a vast pool of quality talent

The best and brightest consultants, freelancers and contractors, without misclassification risks;

On-going compliance with all local and federal legislation

We stay current with the changing regulatory landscape and continuously update your independent contractor program;

In-depth background checks

We screen all 1099 / IC workers according to your requirement: from drug testing to security clearance and everything in between;

Extensive eligibility validation: our rigorous 6-step process

More than just a cursory overview. We dig deep to ensure that each resource is actually qualified to be classified as an Independent Contractor.

Full indemnification

You are totally protected and indemnified. We assume the risk.

Contract lifecycle management

We manage the full contract lifecycle from start to finish and provide the added advantage of a single consolidated invoice for all IC / 1099s retained by your organization.


Sleep Better At Night
Knowing you’re fully protected and indemnified 

A good contract is not enough – no matter how good your lawyers are. There’s more to retaining independent contractors than meets the eye. Our IC / 1099 Payment Solution is your best insurance policy against misclassification risks. All retained contractors will have successfully passed the 20-factor test and their eligibility is fully documented and confirmed.

You’ll rest easy knowing that you are protected, and fully indemnified against any local, state / provincial, or federal legal action.


HCMWorks offers a unique combination of skills, resources and processes that set us apart from the competition.

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