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Key benefits that set us apart!

We offer a unique combination of skills, resources and processes that set us apart from the competition. Learn more about why HCMWorks could be the right choice for your contingent workforce management programs.

Review Your Workforce Strategy  With HCMWorks


Laser-focused on managing change

We don’t get paid unless your program gains full adoption. That’s why we give special attention to securing executive buy-in and then diligently work our way throughout the organization to reach full deployment and maximum impact.



Unlock potential tax incentives

Organizations working with HCMWorks may enjoy tax incentives for projects funded by Federal or State grants and loans. 



100% vendor neutral

HCMWorks has no ties to any staffing vendor, allowing us the freedom to negotiate markups and rate cards on your behalf with no vested interests or hidden agendas. You get the benefit of our combined buying power and skilled negotiations with leading staffing vendors throughout North America.



With you every step of the way

A managed services program is a living, breathing ecosystem, constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of your business. So we stick with you over the long haul, making adjustments, expanding and enhancing your program year after year.



Attentive and agile

Relationships truly count, and because of our size and structure, we are uniquely suited to service mid-sized organizations across the continent and quickly respond to changing conditions, regulations and needs.


North American in scope

We are knowledgeable about the U.S. and Canada with offices in both countries. Grounded in the economic and regulatory reality of both markets, we can tailor a program to suit the specific requirements of multi-national organizations.

Get Contingent Workforce Management Help

A contingent workforce is solid strategy for filling gaps in your talent pool but it comes with operational, financial and legal risks. We're a recognized leader in helping businesses reduce cost, complexity and risks, so they can truly benefit from their contingent workforce. It starts with a discovery call so we can find out more about your business challenges and opportunities.

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