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Contingent Workforce Management Solutions for Your Organization

Choose the Contingent Workforce Management Solution that is right for your organization. Reduce costs, complexity and risks. Gain better access to talent!

The non-permanent workforce comes with financial and legal challenges you may not be aware of. A Managed Services Program (MSP) gives you greater visibility on rogue hiring and full compliance with government regulations. When you retain contractors, you risk misclassifying them as 1099 / IC workers when they are really employees. Our independent contractor client / business solutions ensure you avoid costly misclassification challenges by the IRS, Revenue Canada, DOL and other state / provincial and federal agencies. With contingent workforce advisory services, we give you visibility on headcount and spend, reduce costs, decrease time to fill, and manage your non-permanent workforce. Our solutions are strategic, focused for both government and public sector organizations, and we excel in security clearances. As your strategic partner in non-permanent workforce acquisition, we take a consultative approach to cost-effective management services customized to your needs.  Choose a solution to learn more!