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Contingent Workforce Advisory Services

Get current on contingent workforce best practices, from procurement to payment, and your on-going contingent workforce obligations.

Review Your Workforce Strategy  With HCMWorks

The on-demand, flexible workforce that contingent workers represent is a growing part of most organizations – as high as 35% by some estimates, and growing year after year. Yet most organizations are ill-prepared to deal with the complexities and intricacies of managing this often disparate workforce, spread across multiple departments, divisions and locations throughout organizations.

The challenges are compounded by a fundamental lack of visibility over headcount and spend, leading to process inefficiencies, waste and excessive time to fill. 

HCMWorks Contingent Workforce Advisory Services help you determine how to better retain and manage your contingent workforce, as well as protect your business against the inherent risks of misclassification and co-employment that are part and parcel of working with contingent workers. 

Cost reduction strategies

A new perspective and best practices on contingent workforce cost control and optimization for better talent at the right price

Optimizing the req to check process

Streamline process, drive out inefficiencies and optimize vendor payment from requisition creation and its flow through the organization, approval process and more

Contingent talent sourcing strategies

Gain access to best-in-breed talent from the right sources at the right time

The interview and engagement process

An in-depth look at the governance and contractual process for Independent Contractors: are the actually qualified? Is your business at risk?

IC and W2 process management

How to ensure you’re keeping an arms-length relationship with your Independent contractors and directly sourced temporary workers so they are recognized as contingent by the IRS and other agencies.

Staffing supplier management

There’s more to supplier management than negotiating markups. Discover the best practices for ensuring access to the best possible talent at the most affordable cost.


Whiteboarding Sessions

HCMWorks can facilitate a 4-hour white-boarding session for any of these topics, and more, to help you map out key issues, identify areas of improvement and how to solve them.


HCMWorks offers a unique combination of skills, resources and processes that set us apart from the competition.

Learn more about why HCMWorks could be the right choice for your Contingent Workforce Advisory Services.

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