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The benefits of
working with HCMWorks

Reduce costs and risks, increase visibility and gain better access to talent.


Workforce Management benefits

Rate Card Management

Sourcing workforce strategies

Sourcing Strategies

HCMWorks Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Contingent Workforce Saving Strategies

Three Contingent Workforce Cost-savings Strategies You Should Consider.

Discover the top three strategies you need to implement in order to effectively manage your contingent workforce costs.
Improve Flexible workforce

Your flexible workforce
is larger than you think

Our holistic approach to contingent workforce management helps you gain full visibility on your contingent headcount and spend. Better insights lead to better decisions and better use of resources.  



Gain Better Access To Talent
Better talent, faster access, lower costs

A solid talent acquisition strategy using a blend of internal and external sources will consistently deliver better talent and greater value. Discover the benefits of a proprietary talent pool and how we can help you set one up for your organization.



Reduce Risk and Improve Governance
Sleep better at night — protect your business
from misclassification and co-employment risks

Using non-permanent workers brings flexibility and access to high quality talent,
but comes with some very real challenges that must be addressed.
Let us show you how to reduce the risks of misclassification
and co-employment for greater piece of mind.

Get Contingent Workforce Management Help

A contingent workforce is solid strategy for filling gaps in your talent pool but it comes with operational, financial and legal risks. We're a recognized leader in helping businesses reduce cost, complexity and risks, so they can truly benefit from their contingent workforce. It starts with a discovery call so we can find out more about your business challenges and opportunities.

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