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Who We Are

Leading Independent Provider of Contingent Workforce Solutions & Advisory Services

We Are North America’s Leading Independent Provider Of Contingent Workforce Solutions and Advisory Services.

Reduce risk, costs and complexity. Gain better access to talent!

More and more businesses are turning to contingent workers to gain better access to quality talent and realize the many strategic benefits. If you are too, we can help manage your costs, mitigate your risks and use technology to get the most out of your flexible workforce!

We are a team of highly experienced contingent workforce advisors, helping organizations enhance their human capital management and sourcing strategies through the optimized use of and access to independent contractors, consultants, freelancers and other non-permanent workers.

HCMWorks provides the expertise, the technology and processes to help you reduce your workforce costs, mitigate against misclassification and co-employment risks, and optimize your contingent workforce program.

We are completely technology and staffing vendor neutral when it comes to advising on, and managing contingent workforce programs.  

This allows us the freedom to share real industry insights, negotiate on your behalf, impose fair vendor markups and reduce vendor favouritism for all your temporary resources. In addition, HCMWorks provides hiring and payment solutions for your directly self-sourced candidates as well as your independent contractors.

“The HCMWorks team was the foundation in the implementation of a contingent workforce managed solution which extends from the hiring process to the payment of consultants.  For more than 5 years, our partnership with HCMWorks enables us to effectively meet our objectives in accessing a large talent pool, all while controlling our costs.” 

Vendor Management Client

"Having had HCMWorks and their team of professionals supporting our contract resources over the past four years has been a pleasure. HCM experts continue to provide solid and consistent resource management, procurement and administration and we appreciate the efforts that they successfully offer. Having them on our team is a huge asset!" 

Senior Manager, Data Centres

"I've been working for almost 10 years with the HCMWorks' team and I hope to continue for another 10 years.  Professional and passionate are few words that best describe this team. They offer excellent overall service and are always available for any inquiries. Their knowledge of the market makes them an asset for the business. I would not hesitate to recommend them." 

National Senior Manager Staffing Office

The HCMWorks Blog

5 Contingent Labor Questions a VMS can Help Your Business Address

5 Contingent Labor Questions a VMS can Help Your Business Address

Vendor management systems (VMS) are fundamental to the success of any large companies contingent workforce strategy, but what lessons can a business learn from a VMS to improve the way they hire non-permanent workers in the future?

Before we dive into the lessons your company can learn from your VMS software, let’s first look at what a vendor management system actually is and how it can boost your contingent workforce strategy

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4 Steps for Building a Successful Business Case for VMS Implementation

4 Steps for Building a Successful Business Case for VMS Implementation

The way organizations employ workers has shifted away from the full-time employees of yesteryear to a workforce of contingent workers that offer their specialties on a project-by-project basis.

The contingent workforce has significant benefits for the plethora of companies adopting this modern way of hiring. However, those who are hiring contingent workers but are still using manual processes and outdated automation tools to manage their workforce, will not be realizing those benefits, and could in fact be losing out. 

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The Fissured Workplace: The Disappearance of the “Company Job”

The Fissured Workplace: The Disappearance of the “Company Job”

The past 20 years have seen rapid and significant changes in the way we live our everyday lives and the way organizations conduct business - none more so than the way companies are hiring workers.

During the 20th Century workers were employed by the company they worked for, but that’s not really the case anymore. Large companies are now outsourcing work to smaller companies or hiring workers within the contingent workforce, such as contractors, freelancers and consultants. 

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