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Are You Prepared

for the Contingent Workforce Tsunami?

The contingent workforce is growing at an alarming rate. It’s clear that the independent workforce is only going to grow into the future, and this will lead to an unprecedented contingent workforce tsunami. Consider some of the facts below:



spent annually on non-payroll labor of which $3.5T is for independent contractors


of contingent labor

is unaccounted for



increase in contingent workforce spend in the past 5 years


more workers hired for temporary roles than the previous year


of total workforce is

comprised of non-employees



in savings attributed to visibility, competitive bidding & rate card management


Though this new on-demand economy has great potential and great benefits for organizations, it requires a new way of thinking about talent management, talent acquisition, and workforce strategy. It’s obvious that the contingent workforce is shaping the future of business as we know it, and you must effectively acquire, manage, and strategize your non-permanent workers in order to get the highest ROI.

You Can’t Afford to Risk Misclassifying Your Workers

Find out what you need to do to properly classify workers and avoid misclassification lawsuits. 

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