10% Savings Guaranteed
Impressive Multi-Factor ROI
Extensive Procurement
Market Intelligence

Our team specializes in generating 5 to 15% in related savings through
our proven methodology at no cost for your organization.

HCMWorks provides demonstrated formulas for businesses of all sizes and types. Our cutting edge procurement life-cycle
methodology is proven and trusted -- delivering clients exceptional savings year-over-year with a rapid return
on investment. We develop tailored solutions in partnership with organizations to gain maximum efficiency in procurement
teams through cost-effective strategies. Learn More

HCMWorks Services

Assisted Managed Service
provider (AMSP)

Our team of experts will generate 5-15% in cost savings through a unique neutrally-designed program specific to your organization. Show More

Advisory Services (PAS)

Working with our client procurement and IT groups our expertise allows us to deliver tailor made solutions to benefit from extensive market intelligence, competitive pricing and increase cost saving opportunities. Show More


At zero cost implementation, HCMNow allows organizations to realize 5-9% in savings on source contract labour costs. This vendor-funded management tool will improve the entire process, from procure-to-pay, of your organization’s contractor labour costs. Show More


Save an average of 11% with HCMBuy. All non-strategic spend will be managed by our team of experts, allowing you to focus on your organization’s profit making strategies. Show More

Payment Services (CPS)

Regardless of the size of your company’s contingent workforce, there are substantial savings opportunities and reduced risks associated with contractor misclassification or co-employment. HCMWorks can transition this benefit to your company now! Show More

HCMWorks Proven Results - Case Study

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