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HCMWorks Flexible
Payment Solutions

 All the advantages of a staffing vendor, without the hefty markups

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In today’s on-demand, gig economy, contingent or non-permanent workers represent a growing proportion of the workforce – by some estimates an average of 35% nationwide.

More and more organizations are turning to direct sourcing in combination with – or in lieu of – traditional staffing vendors for the recruitment of independent contractors / 1099 workers because of the cost savings it affords. 

However, there are a number of challenges with any form of non-permanent worker that need to be addressed, including the risk of co-employment. 

HCMWorks Flexible Payment Solutions enable organizations to avoid co-employment challenges by the IRS, Revenue Canada, DOL and other state / provincial, and federal agencies, as well as streamline the procurement and payment process.


HCMWorks will retain your 1099 / IC workers on your behalf, screen and vet them, ensure that they are actually qualified to be classified as an independent contractor, and manage the full contract lifecycle. We then ensure you save on administrative costs and consolidate payments into a single monthly invoice. You get peace of mind and convenience in a single package. 

Access to a vast pool of directly-sourced independent contractors without the co-employment risks;

Full visibility into your directly-sourced 1099 / IC workforce;

A single consolidated invoice covering all non-permanent workers;

Hassle-free administration with no need to spend the time associated managing and paying mulitple invoices and answering IC / 1099 questions.

In-depth background checks according to your requirements from drug testing and credit checks to security clearance and everything in between;

Reduced Spend Management Expenses - HCMWorks can assist with rate management and spend control with the right technology in place.


Sleep Better At Night
Knowing you’re fully protected and indemnified

HCMWorks bears all the risks: co-employment, wrongful dismissal suits, civil liability, workers’ compensation claims and more. Our insurance covers it all. You’ll rest easy knowing that you are protected, and fully indemnified against any local, state or federal legal action.

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HCMWorks offers a unique combination of skills, resources and processes that set us apart from the competition.

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