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Workforce Management

In this guide, we look at the top five trends set to make an impact on your contingent workforce management strategy in 2021.

Hiring contingent workers will set an organization up for rapid market changes, shortages in skilled workers, skill development and expertise in subject areas that the company might not require a full-time employee for.

Management of a successful contingent workforce is complex and often split between departments, such as human resources and procurement. This can result in a siloed and fragmented process that results in inconsistent hiring, rogue spend, wasted time, and additional costs.

Download the guide to read about the top trends for 2021, including:

  • Direct Sourcing
  • Anywhere Operations
  • Technology First
  • Competing for Top Talent
  • Intelligent Solutions

In 2021, the contingent workforce has become more important than ever in driving post-pandemic recovery. Read more in our free guide Workforce Management: What Workforce Trends Your Organization Should Focus on to Stay Ahead.

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