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Case Study:  VMS Implemented in 12 Weeks, Cost Savings of $2M in Only 18 Months

Discover how HCMWorks helped a large training organization create a lean invoicing process, streamline staffing vendor relations and last but not least, secure them $2 Million in cost savings in the first 18 months by integrating a vendor management system (VMS).

Taking a Global Organization to the Next Level of Contingent Workforce Efficiency

This large global organization faced a range of unique challenges when it came to hitting its workforce targets. The two challenges set before them were:

1.  A difficulty of sourcing qualified labour.

2.  The entire procure to pay process for contingent labour was manual, paper-based and highly inefficient.

In this customer case study you’ll learn how, by partnering with HCMWorks MSP, this organization achieved some spectacular improvements that enabled them to:

  • Gain total visibility into contingent headcount and spend
  • Greater and timelier access to talent
  • Judge their best vendors purely on performance
  • Automate and centralize their sourcing process
  • Significantly reduce invoicing errors and accounts payable management time by fully automating and standardizing a lean invoicing process
  • Secure $2 Million in cost savings and surpassing their goal by 15%!

Download this customer case study to learn more about how a workforce procurement Managed Services Program by HCMWorks helped achieve these results in only 18 months.

Download this case study today.  

Download this case study