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Managing Your Independent Contractor Program

This new guide sheds light on best practices on how to manage independent contractors to reduce costs, management, complexity and risks.

Independent Contractor ManagementIndependent contractors, freelancers and contract workers are a valuable source of high-quality talent. But managing dozens if not hundreds of IC contracts, invoices and more is a full time job for several of your people. 

Learn how to simplify, streamline and reduce the complexity of managing your freelancers, consultants and contract workers. Plus, ensure that your relationships are properly classified.

In this guide, we examine:

  • Why independent contractors are vital to the survival and growth of your organization
  • Three steps you can take to mitigate or eliminate your risks and protect your organization
  • What an independent contractor payment program can do for you and how to choose the right solution to fit your needs

Download Managing Your Independent Contractor Program to learn more about how to get the most value out of your freelancers, consultants and contract workers, and avoid complexity and red tape.

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Download your free guide