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Download this procure-to-pay customer case study

Discover how HCMWorks helped a large financial institution cut the procure-to-pay process by 81.2%, and realized 10% cost savings on spend under management.


This financial institution was saddled with a cumbersome manual process that took over 2 months from start to finish. Reporting was sporadic, cost management was a difficult and demanding process with no centralized view.

In this customer case study you’ll learn how, by choosing an HCMWorks MSP, this bank achieved some spectacular improvements that enabled them to:

  • Shorten the procure-to-pay process by a full 49 days
  • Achieve 10% cost savings on spend under management
  • Reduce contractor tenure by 17% and as a result reduced misclassification risks
  • Slash rogue spending by over 20%

Download this customer case study to learn more about how a workforce procurement Managed Services Program by HCMWorks helped achieve these results in only 8 weeks.

Download this case study today.  

Download this case study