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Case Study: How Our MSP Program Improved Talent Sourcing & Fill Ratios

Discover how HCMWorks' innovative MSP program led to enhanced talent sourcing and improved fill ratios for 'The Client'.

Case Study Cover - Improving Access to the Best Talent, at the Best Rates

Before the partnership, the Client's contingent workforce management strategy was largely a manual paper-based program that was neither competitive nor effective. The two main challenges set before them were:

1.  Not being competitive in their hiring strategies.

2.  The high risk of misclassification.

In this customer case study you’ll learn how, by partnering with HCMWorks MSP, this organization achieved some spectacular improvements that enabled them to:

  • Improved fill ratios - 94.4 percent fill ratio for IT Professionals.
  • A simplified invoicing and payment process.
  • 33.7 percent hired-to-interview ratio.
  • The ability to find and convert temporary resources into permanent talent.
  • HCMWorks manages a total of 46 vendors under contract on behalf of The Client.
  • 20 days average time to fill, from release of request to hiring (compared to the 42 day average, according to the Society for Human Resource Management)
  • 19.3 percent interviewed to submitted ratio.
  • HCMWorks is The Client’s go-to provider for all of their pre-identified resources.

Download this customer case study to learn how after just two years of implementation, The Client’s MSP program with HCMWorks has expanded significantly. The program has grown by a staggering 350 percent in headcount from its initial setup.

Download this case study today.  

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