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THE Contingent Workforce Management SURVEY

On a scale of 1-4, please rate the accuracy of the below statements as they compare to your current contingent workforce management practices:

Question 1

We know exactly how many contingent workers are currently active within our organisation and to which Hiring Manager they report to.

Question 2

We know the exact location of all our contingent workers and what staffing suppliers they are represented by.

Question 3

We know to which Hiring Manager each contingent worker reports to and who is responsible for their time sheet/card approval.

Question 4

We know the exact start dates of each contingent worker and as a result, we know which workers have exceeded the 1 and 2 year mark and beyond.

Question 5

We know exactly which contingent workers are 1099/Independent contractors and which contingent workers are W2/T4 employees.

Question 6

For each new contingent worker hired, we have verified him against a ‘do not rehire’ list and know whether he is retired, a past employee or a past contractor for our organisation.

Question 7

We have Monthly Executive Reports in place to provide insight and analytics into our contingent workforce, have access to live dashboards and can quickly run Ad Hoc reports on an as needed basis to answer specific questions.

Question 8

Our organisation currently has a formal Requisition Process, managed centrally by a department (e.g HR or Procurement) to request and source contingent workers.

Question 9

We have a formal Approval Process in place to ensure budgets, hiring decisions and any compliance exceptions are approved by the relevant decision makers

Question 10

We currently use Best in Class Vendor Management System (VMS) Technology to manage our staffing suppliers and contingent workers centrally

Question 11

We work closely with an external service provider (Master Vendor, MSP, Consulting firm) to help manage or support our contingent workforce program.

Question 12

We have an extensive Job Catalogue by Category (IT, Professional, Finance, Logistics etc.) and associated job titles in place with detailed job descriptions and seniority levels.

Question 13

We have a formal rate card in place for each position and periodically re-evaluate its accuracy.

Question 14

We have full visibility into the mark-ups of our staffing suppliers and the corresponding pay rates of our contingent workers.

Question 15

We release our staffing requisitions to more than 5 vendors simultaneously and obtain multiple quality CVs electronically within 2-3 days for review.

Question 16

Our process and ability to hire contingent workers effectively, contributes positively to our organisation's human capital management and acquisition strategy.

Question 17

There is a separate and formal process in place to hire referred or directly-sourced contingent workers.

Question 18

Our organisation makes sure we maintain an arm’s length relationship with our directly-sourced contingent workers, by not signing contracts with them directly and not paying them directly either.

Question 19

We centrally house and maintain all crucial documents related to our contingent workers and staffing suppliers for their respective mandates and activities (Contract, SOW, insurances, security clearances, signed copies of relevant documents such as NDAs, corporate policies, travel and expense claims etc.)

Question 20

When a contingent worker begin or ends his assignment (on and off boarding), we have a formal process in place to ensure all required steps and procedures are met (documentation, security, date access, assets & equipment)

Question 21

In an effort to mitigate against third party risk, we regularly audit our staffing suppliers and their contract workers to ensure they are in compliance with contractual and regulatory requirements.

Question 22

We have a formal process to qualify, select and on-board our staffing suppliers which we revisit periodically.

Question 23

We have identified our primary (Tier 1) staffing supplier partners by labor/business category, and have additional staffing suppliers available to support hard to fill roles.

Question 24

We have standardized agreements in place with all our staffing suppliers, covering specific insurance requirements, payment terms and protections in place to limit our liability and exposure to risk.

Question 25

We have specific SLAs and KPIs in place to track the performance of our staffing suppliers and have periodic business reviews to manage their performance.

×All questions must have a selection before continuing.

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