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THE Contingent Workforce Management SURVEY

On a scale of 1-4, please rate the accuracy of the below statements as they compare to your current contingent workforce management practices:

Question 1

We know exactly how many contingent workers are currently active within our organisation and to which Hiring Manager they report to.

Question 2

We know the exact start dates of each contingent worker and as a result, we know which workers have exceeded the 1 and 2 year mark and beyond.

Question 3

We know exactly which contingent workers are 1099/Independent contractors and which contingent workers are W2/T4 employees.

Question 4

We have Monthly Executive Reports in place to provide insight and analytics into our contingent workforce, have access to live dashboards and can quickly run Ad Hoc reports on an as needed basis to answer specific questions.

Question 5

Our organisation currently has a formal Requisition Process, managed centrally by a department (e.g HR or Procurement) to request and source contingent workers

Question 6

We currently use Best in Class Vendor Management System (VMS) Technology to manage our staffing suppliers and contingent workers centrally

Question 7

We have a formal rate card in place for each position and periodically re-evaluate its accuracy

Question 8

There is a separate and formal process in place to hire referred or directly-sourced contingent workers

Question 9

We have identified our primary (Tier 1) staffing supplier partners by labor/business category, and have additional staffing suppliers available to support hard to fill roles

Question 10

We have specific SLAs and KPIs in place to track the performance of our staffing suppliers and have periodic business reviews to manage their performance

×All questions must have a selection before continuing.

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HCMWorks has the available expertise and longstanding history to support your organisation in mapping out the key steps inside your contingent workforce management roadmap. We’ll support you in making the key decisions to take your program to the next level. We invite you to contact us to further discuss your workforce management objectives.

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