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Direct Sourcing

Learn direct sourcing strategies for creating a resilient workforce and managing a flexible organization.

The competition for top talent is relentless. In response to the finite supply of specialized skills for permanent positions, hiring managers looking for new ways to source and acquire employees. 

As workers have embraced the flexibility of remote work, employers are implementing new workforce management strategies to adapt to new market conditions. 

However, as many organizations turn to third-party staffing agencies in the hopes of expanding their reach, many end up competing for the same pool of resources. Instead, businesses are establishing their own channels of talent sourcing for faster, more efficient hiring. 

Learn More about Managed Direct Sourcing and other Workforce Management Strategies, including

  • Agile Workforce Management
  • Workforce Resilience
  • Internal Hiring
  • External Networks
  • Vendor Management Systems

Read our free guide Build a Resilient Workforce with Managed Direct Sourcing and learn how to future-proof your workforce.

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